Account Executive

This position is available with WealthPark RealEstate Technologies, Inc.


Account Executive

Company Overview

Job Description

You will be responsible for growing WealthPark RealEstate Technologies’s overseas clientele through finding new accounts, supporting existing partners, and closing deals with end-clients primarily targeted towards Sinophone regions (mainly China). Responsibilities include: developing and executing marketing & sales plans to reach predetermined goals, such as developing new accounts through networking, planning events/seminars, and obtaining referral opportunities from investors in both online and offline settings.

The appeal of this position is that you will be able to convey information about Japan and real estate to overseas clients as a professional, and gain cross-border experience by traveling to Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

You will be directly responsible for the preservation and expansion of our investor base.

Through building a trusting relationships with overseas investors and brokers, so you will utilize your native language and sales work experience and combine it with your Japanese language skills and experience in Japan. In addition, you will be expected to develop and execute bold and precise sales and marketing strategies in a hard-hitting environment that requires negotiating on closing new accounts and acquiring new managed properties .



  • Building and cultivating relationships with domestic and overseas brokers (mainly Chinese-speaking). Once the market is fully developed, you will be able to expand the business according to your wish and career plan.
  • Developing new accounts to collaborate with, building new business and relationships
  • Planning and executing overseas events to connect with investors (e.g., organizing and running local/online seminars, etc.)
  • Act as intermediary between other departments within WealthPark RealEstate Technologies and the accounts to provide the best-in-class offering for investors. You will be working with various teams such as the Transaction&Sales team, Property Management team, Asset Management team, and Data Management team etc.

– Communicate service and value to accounts as well as end-clients


  • Japanese (Business level  or above)
  •  Chinese (Business level or above)
  •  More than 3 years of sales experience in BtoBtoC or BtoC business
  •  Able to travel overseas, such as to Taiwan and Hong Kong
  •  Communication and negotiation skills

Preffered Requirements

  • Experience in property management (PM) or real estate related experience
  • English (Business level or above)
  •  Cantonese (Business level or above)

The kind of person we are looking for

  • Able to take on challenges in a tough environment
  • Those who share WealthPark’s Vision, Mission, and Behavior Identity (action guidelines).
  • Able to take responsibility and persevere in completing projects.
  • Able to work well in a team environment.
  • Able to communicate smoothly with stakeholders.
  • Organized and have creative thinking
  • Passionate and enthusiastic about Real Estate / overseas businesses

For your information

Selection Process

  1. Document Screening
  2. 1st interview
  3. Final interview
    ※It will takes 2 to 3 weeks to make an offer.
    ※The process above is subject to change.


  •  No smoking indoors
  • You can choose to work remotely or come to work depending on your work schedule
  • No full remote work