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About us

WealthPark is a startup IT venture to provide asset management and management platform application.
Currently, we are taking on the challenge of “visualization” of non-liquid assets in the real estate industry, which is one of the alternative assets.

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About The Role

As our business expands, the number of engineers is also rapidly increasing. In this context, there are still areas where we are immature as an organization and where we have not yet caught up with the construction of systems. As more and more products and projects are developed, there are cases where optimal engineering management is not possible.WealthPark is looking for an Engineering Manager who can take on the challenge of creating a place where engineers can be more active. Engineering managers commit to building organizational structures, systems and solving organizational issues, creating opportunities for engineers to be more active, and contributing to the execution of engineering, products, and business.

What you will do

  • Development Management
    – Management of engineering development resource allocation, development status and progress, and their visualization
  • Discuss & Design scrum team structure with VP and Agile Coach and PM.
    – Unit and definition of cross functional team will vary depending on the organization and business situation. Domain, project, product, and so on. While communicating with VPs, PMs, Agile Coach, and sometimes with the engineering organization, we think about the best structure and implement it continuously.
    – In each squad, act as a contact point for the engineering side and handle the necessary communication with the PM and business side. As a responsibility of EM, solve or support any issue that the engineering organization has to execute
  • Technical Management
    – Facilitating a better process of technology selection, alignment of members and sense of organization, and discussion on technical policies.
    – Responsible for planning and implementing solutions to issues that arise during system operation from a technical perspective. We believe that resolving issues also has value for the Engineering Manager, so you will be deeply committed to the operation as well.
  • People Management
  • Hiring
  • DevRel
    – We want to promote WealthPark more since it is not well known yet among engineers outside of Japan, so spreading the word about WealthPark’s engineering, for example, through our technical blog or through presentations at conferences, is a great way to help us improve. We believe that spreading the word about WealthPark’s engineering, for example, through our technical blog or through presentations at conferences, is an important factor in building a better organization.
    – In some cases, you will be expected to work with HR and others to develop and implement PR strategies.

What You Will Need

  • 4+ years of experience leading an engineering organization or team
  • 6+ years of development experience (organizational management period can be included.)

Technical Skills We Would Like To See

  • Strong experience in at least one of the following:
    Backend: Design, development, and operation of APIs using PHP or Ruby, golang
    Frontend: Development related to frontend fields such as web browsers, JavaScript, TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, or Redux
    Mobile: Development related to Mobile application development using Swift, Kotlin

Preferred Qualifications

  • Communication in Japanese
  • Experience working in the real estate or Fintech industry

What’s In It For You

  • Flexible working schedule 
  • Health insurance, etc.
  • Maternity leave/Paternity Leave
  • Casual dress code
  • Career progression plan
  • PC: MacBook Pro/Windows + 1 Monitor


At WealthPark, we give opportunity for everyone to find alternative ways of investing into your own future. Diversity and Inclusion plays an important role for our company as we welcome employees from over 16 different countries. We welcome people from all sorts of backgrounds without regard to race, color, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or others. 

If you have interest, passion, and want to make a change, join us!


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