Junior Security Engineer

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WealthPark is a startup IT venture to provide asset management and management platform application.
Currently, we are taking on the challenge of “visualization” of non-liquid assets in the real estate industry, which is one of the alternative assets.

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Job Description

A highly motivated Junior Security Engineer with demonstrated experience in performing, implementing, upgrading, or monitoring security measures to protect complex cloud environments.
Your work will include full end-to-end security assurance activities including Soc, identity and access management, protecting our internal and production environments.

We’re looking for someone who cares and wants to be involved in our product, mission, and success – far beyond scheduling tasks. And, of course, building our SocLess with much innovation.

  • Security Operations and Monitoring
  • Build, prototype, and implement security event detection systems and technologies
  • Understand every phase of an incident and respond appropriately
  • Automate alert response procedures in the cloud environment
  • Threat Intel
  • Follow-up on outstanding security issues and recommend remediation steps
  • Research new security threats and determine how to mitigate and detect the threat

Required Requirements

Technical Skills / Experiences

  • Minimum 1 year of experience in coding experience
  • Security information and event management (SIEM) systems
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Basic understanding of security systems including: Firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEM, DLP
  • Basic understanding of security concepts including: Least privilege, Defense in Depth
  • An understanding of various attack methods and attack surfaces
  • Minimum 1 years of experience in identity and access management (IAM) programs
  • Solid understanding of network protocols
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with end users
  • Must be willing to work in a team and be willing to compromise

Soft Skills

  • English communication skills (80% of engineers are non-Japanese. We are a very international team)
  • Highly organized person
  • Have motivation for team development
  • Be able to weigh several and often conflicting constraints and make decisions in a fast-moving and quickly-growing company
  • Continuously learn new technologies and find ways to solve issues and requirements

Preferable Requirements

  • Associates of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Network & Security, a related degree, or equivalent experience.
  • Equivalent years of work experience within IT roles.
  • Entry level-mid level security certifications are a plus (eg. Security+, MTA Security Fundamentals, LPIC-1)


Salary and Evaluation system
It will be decided in consideration of experience and skills.

  • Annual salary system
  • Evaluation: twice a year
  • Probation time: 3 months (conditions do not change during the probation time)
  • The annual salary includes 35 hours of overtime work

Social insurance (Health insurance, Employee pension, Employment insurance)

Working Hours

* flextime system (core time 11:00 to 16:00)

Holiday and Leave

  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Public holidays
  • Refresh holidays
  • New-year / Year-end holidays
  • Annual paid leave
  • Celebratory leave
  • Special holidays
  • Postnatal leave
  • Parental leave

Welfare and Other


  • Welcome lunch (with CEO, with Division and Department)
  • Welcome drinking
  • Internal events (Year-end party etc.)
  • Free drink (Water server and instant coffee and tea)
  • Installation of vending machines


  • PC: MacBook Pro + 1 Monitor *Monitor can only be used in the office
  • No smoking in the office
  • Until COVID-19 is settled and we’re ready to issue visas, you can start working remotely from abroad

Selection Process

  1. Document screening
  2. 1st interview
  3. 2nd interview
  4. 3rd interview
  5. Final interview
    * The selection flow may be changed
    * During the selection period, we may arrange opportunities for casual talks with team members in addition to interviews