New Graduate (2024)


New Graduate (Global Business)

Company Overview

Why we do

Our Vision: “Be Alternative: Expand Your Freedom of Choice”

Our Mission: “Democratize Alternative Investment for Everyone”


Real estate, art, wine, unlisted stocks, infrastructure are different types of assets than the ones we know such as stocks and bonds. We call them “alternative assets”. 

For a long time, investing in alternative assets has not been easy and often accessible only to a limited number of people. However, having a global alternative platform will allow everyone to participate and have equal investment opportunities. That is our mission. 


What does it mean for you?

The main mission/goal of WealthPark is always to expand and give people freedom of choice, and with that comes further expansion and necessity to globalize the company. Globalizing the company creates new, exciting opportunities.   

The keyword now is “global”. This means that you will be taking a challenge in creating businesses and adapting to changing markets with global perspectives.

We go global

With our company expanding, there is a constant need to globalize our environment.

Going Global means enacting business practices that allow us to connect more effectively with customers and partners around the world.

Going Global also means:

  • Welcoming and accepting different cultures and beliefs
  • Thinking outside of the box
  • Variety of career growth opportunities
  • Alignment with global standards 
  • Bringing more new, unique ideas

Why we go global


  • Expanding freedom of choice is setting a Global Standard


WealthPark’s mission has always been to provide people with freedom of choice. We believe that by people, we mean providing equal opportunity without distinction to people of various backgrounds, including race, color, gender, religion, age, disability and so on. We would welcome people who are enthusiastic about creating a global standard. 


  • Bringing together people from all over the world who share our “why we do”.


One of the keys to business growth is empathy with our vision and mission. We need to gather people from all over the world who think about equality of opportunity, economics, and investment as if it were their own, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We also believe that we can get closer to the realization of our vision by having them become our leaders in the near future.


  • People with Global Perspective create business


In order to solve the challenges we face, it is necessary to think outside the box with a broad, high perspective, and ownership. In our company, people with a strategic and long-term perspective are highly preferred.




  • Pursue personal as well as WealthPark’s growth with a broad, high perspective, and ownership
  • Open minded and comfortable with change
  • Think outside of the box and create something new and innovative


  • Have studied or worked in multicultural environment
  • Study abroad, homestaying, working holiday, and any other experience abroad
  • Language skills (English, Chinese, Cantonese, and any other languages)


What you will do

We have three types of businesses: asset management services for investors abroad, SaaS for domestic property management companies, and a Fintech business that is creating a platform for anyone to invest in alternative assets to achieve our vision and mission.

You may be involved in creating not only those current businesses, but also various new businesses and projects that will be created in the future, in many different countries.


For example, positions include the following;

Since we give opportunities for everyone to find alternative ways of investing into your own future at WealthPark, your specific responsibilities and projects will be discussed with you through the selection process.


Our interview step will look as below:

  1. We will first look through your resume: experience, links (if applied) and decide on whether we will set up an interview.
  2. You will meet our HR representative and VP of HR to talk more casually about your goals, initial interest in WealthPark, etc. 
  3. In this round you will meet some Director/Manager who will more specifically talk to you about the projects they are working on and where they would fit into the picture.
  4. The last round will be with our CxO who will get to know you and confirm any remaining questions. 
  5. This is the exciting part – we will arrange an offer meeting with HR to go over the offer and to hopefully welcome you to our team!

*Selection process is subject to change


What’s more for you?

  • You will take part in many social internal events organized by our Culture Committee
  • You will be given a choice of PC and monitor to make your work more smooth and comfortable!
  • We have a hybrid work style which means that you can freely decide when to work from home and when to visit the office!
  • For the first few months you will have a mentor assigned to you who will guide you and help you get used to a new environment
  • It is important to us that you will also feel comfortable and aligned with our values; 

Customer Centric

Go Beyond

Appreciation and Respect

Commit to Results

Do The Right Thing

We are pleased to introduce you to our new graduates who have joined us this year.


Diversity and Inclusion plays an important role for our company as we welcome employees from over 18 different countries. We welcome people from all sorts of backgrounds without regard to race, color, gender identity, religion, age, disability, or others. 

If you have interest, passion, and want to make a change, join us!