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About us

WealthPark is a startup IT venture to provide asset management and management platform application.
Currently, we are taking on the challenge of “visualization” of non-liquid assets in the real estate industry, which is one of the alternative assets.

WealthPark closed JPY 540 million in Series A financing in May 2019, JPY 907 million in Series B in August 2020, and JPY 2.5 billion from JIC Venture Growth Investments, bringing the total amount raised to JPY 4.398 billion.



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From incorporating business strategies and concepts into products to launching, we are in a position to lead product development while collaborating with various stakeholders.
Specifically, you will work with the business team to design the product concept, define requirements and create specifications, work with engineers, including attending scrum meetings, and manage the entire project until launch.


Job description

Promotion of overall product development in the following operations;
・Engage for Business team
・Specification Creation
・Engage for Engineering team (Includes participation in scrum meetings)
・Project Management to Release
・Continuous improvements after release
・Envision a product vision
・Implementation of vision and strategy
・Aligning with company vision, create a future vision for your product
・Strategically drive your vision with stakeholders

[with Wealth Management Division]
・Planning and development of applications and web services (For individual investors and real estate owners)
・Planning and promoting the development of functional improvements for apps and web services

[with SaaS Division]
・Planning and development of applications and web services (For property management companies and asset management companies)
・Collaboration with Saas Business Team
・Caterpillar incorporates improvement requests from existing customers (Real estate owners and real estate management companies) into products and promotes development
・Development and promotion of collaboration with external (Real estate management companies, systems companies, and partners) products and systems
・Collaboration with the client success team


Required requirements

・Experience in Product Manager / Web Director; 3 years or above (not including experience in Project Manager)
・Decision-Making ability to make decisions appropriate to the business lifecycle
・The ability to come up with ideas and the ability to lead the organization for the realization
・High level of business understanding (Product development and project management)
・Interest in startup and 0 → 1, and high commitment
・Highly flexible communication skills
・Language Skills (Reading / Writing / Speaking)
・Japanese: Native or Business level
・English: Conversational level



[Salary and Evaluation system]
It will be decided in consideration of experience and skills.
・Annual salary system
・Evaluation: twice a year
・Probation time: 3 months (conditions do not change during the probation time)
・The annual salary includes 35 hours of overtime work

・Social insurance(Health insurance, Employee pension, Employment insurance)


Working hours

* flextime system (core time 11:00 to 16:00)


Holiday and leave

・Saturday and Sunday
・Public holiday
・Summer vacation
・New-year / Year-end holiday
・Annual paid leave
・Celebratory leave
・Special holidays
・Postnatal leave
・Parental leave


Welfare and other

・Welcome lunch (with CEO, Division and Department), Welcome drinking
・Internal events (Year-end party etc.)
・Free drink (Water server and instant coffee and tea)
・Installation of vending machines

・ PC: Mac or MacBook Pro + 1 monitor
・ No smoking indoors


Selection process

① 1st interview
② Casual talk *have conversations with various members multiple times
③ 2nd interview
④ Final interview

* The selection flow may be changed.