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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Joint Use of Personal Data within the WealthPark Group

WealthPark Inc. and its subsidiaries or affiliates (“WealthPark Group”) will jointly utilize the personal data of its customers to strengthen cooperation between its group companies to provide higher value-added services, and for the implementation of the business and risk management of the overall group.

1. Personal data that is jointly used

  • Information regarding the owners of real estate and alternative assets using the services and products provided by the WealthPark Group (“Services”)
  • Information regarding business partners using the Services
  • Information on alternative assets, including real estate, provided in connection with the Services
  • Investment information, and income and expenditure information on alternative assets including real estate provided in connection with the Services
  • Behavior data, usage status, inquiries, and communications of the customers with the WealthPark Group in relation to the Services
  • Any other information regarding the users of the Services
  • Information on real estate, receivables and alternative assets owned by the WealthPark Group

2. Scope of joint users

WealthPark Group

3. Purpose of joint usage

  • For the provision and management of the Services
  • For the development and improvement of the Services
  • To ascertain the usage of the Services by customers
  • For inquiry response
  • For the conducting of questionnaires
  • To provide customized services to customers
  • For producing, using, disclosing, or providing statistical data on the use of services of WealthPark Group in a manner that does not identify individuals or particular users
  • For creating, using, disclosing, or providing marketing materials after processing the data so that it does not identify individuals or particular users
  • To provide information on real estate registered with the system of WealthPark Group and that of other alternative assets
  • For providing news on the real estate market and project information, among others
  • For the identification of the users
  • To make important notices about services and for other necessary communications
  • For other matters incidental or related to each of the foregoing items

4. Entity responsible for managing personal data

Name: WealthPark Inc.
Address: 3F Mitomi Building, 1-20-18 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ryuta Kawada