WealthPark Lab Releases White Paper ー WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study 2022

TOKYO, April 15, 2022 — WealthPark Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Shibuya, Tokyo; Group CEO: Ryuta Kawada; the “Company” or “WealthPark”) is pleased to announce that WealthPark Lab (President and Investment Evangelist: Kay (Kosuke) Kato) has released the White Paper ーWealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study 2022 Vol.1. This white paper covers global residential real estate technology trends, available in English and Japanese.

■ Introduction of “WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study”
This white paper describes trends in technology companies in the area of residential real estate (PropTech companies) as part of WealthPark’s ongoing research on global technology trends and technology companies.
“The biggest wealth in the world” and “The latest information technology”. We believe that where these two intersect, there will be affluence and happiness for people and society. At the intersection of these two, residential PropTech companies are there around the world, whose names are still unknown to the general public. WealthPark is committed to keeping a close eye on the residential PropTech industry as a whole, as well as on small startups, to capture the seeds of change that will take place in the world in the years to come.
We hope that our report will be of help to various people who are working for the enrichment and happiness of people and society.

“WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study 2022 Vol.1”
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■Table of Contents
 ・Welcome to Our Study
 ・Residential PropTech Trends
 ・SPAC Spotlight
 ・Five Key Business Segments
 ・Venture Funding of the Industry
 ・Snapshots of Ten Highlighted Companies
 ・Residential PropTech Market Map

■About Kay (Kosuke) Kato, President and Investment Evangelist, WealthPark Lab

Kosuke Kato has held a number of important positions in global major investment companies, including fund manager and investment enlightenment mentor. He is now based in Japan. He once lived in the U.K. and the U.S. for about 10 years and had investment experience in 30 countries around the world. With the conviction that “real-world experience is important, and you and the person you are advising are in the same boat,” he is highly experienced in individual asset management, including financial assets in both Japan and overseas as well as real estate (single-unit, multi-unit apartments, and overseas). He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant, a Financial Planner, and the member of Securities Analysts Association of Japan’s “Securities Analyst (CMA). He is currently enrolled in the University of Cambridge Executive Program (GMCA), and is a visiting scholar of The Investment Trusts Association, Japan. Hobbies and interests include tennis, traveling, and visiting parks. Father of two.

■WealthPark Lab
In order to “open new investment doors for everyone”, WealthPark Lab will involve itself in a wide range of activities related to disseminating information on the essence of investment that has been left undiscussed until now. WealthPark Lab will work with all to create a new and wonderful world where individuals and society are more closely connected through investment.

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