Backend Engineer, Fintech

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Backend Engineer, Fintech


About us

WealthPark is a startup IT venture to provide asset management and management platform application.
Currently, we are taking on the challenge of “visualization” of non-liquid assets in the real estate industry, which is one of the alternative assets.

WealthPark closed JPY 540 million in Series A financing in May 2019, JPY 907 million in Series B in August 2020, and JPY 2.5 billion from JIC Venture Growth Investments, bringing the total amount raised to JPY 4.398 billion.


Blog – about the Engineering team and technology stack at WealthPark

Employee interview






Employee Interview of Engineering Department

Mobile Team (in JP)

QA Team (in EN)

Backend Team (in EN)




WealthPark’s mission is to build an alternative asset platform through innovation and entrepreneurship and ownership.



Job Description

WealthPark is looking for a backend engineer who can accelerate architecture replacement with high ownership. WealthPark is providing SaaS business for over 3 years.
We have some core legacy products. We are planning architecture replacement from a monolith to a microservice basis.

・ Development of server-side in collaboration with each team (product manager, designer, backend, frontend engineer)
・ Develop new features and architecture through Design Sprint and Event Storming.
・ Maintenance and improvement of existing products (mainly PHP (Monolith) / Ruby (API))
・ Develop new APIs and improve the architecture using Golang and node.js



Required Requirements

Technical Skills / Experiences
・ 4+ years of experience in development in Golang / Ruby / Python / PHP / Node.js (*1)
・ Experience in a fintech-related role
・ Proactive understanding of the business domain / basic understanding of DDD (Domain Driven Development) (*2)
・ Ability to take the initiative in researching and code reading for products written in Ruby, PHP, and Python as needed
(*1)  A minimum of 4 years of experience in any one or a combination of the above
(*2)  In addition to development, we are looking for who are interested in business and services.

・ English skills (we are the international team from over 10 countries and regions, and all communication is in English)
・ Highly organized person
・ Have motivation for team development
・ Be able to weigh several and often conflicting constraints and make decisions in a fast-moving and quickly-growing company
・ Continuously learn new technologies and find ways to solve issues and requirements


Preferable Requirements

・ Experiences of using NoSQL such as MongoDB.
・ Experience running and maintaining a variety of cloud infrastructure especially AWS.
・ Experience with container, orchestration tooling such as Docker, Kubernetes.
・ Deep understanding of OAuth and open id connect.
・ Experience in API development in Golang

・ Experience in the financial industry.
・ To read/speak Japanese (Not mandatory).



Salary and Evaluation system
It will be decided in consideration of experience and skills.
・Annual salary system
・Evaluation: twice a year
・Probation time: 3 months (conditions do not change during the probation time)
・The annual salary includes 35 hours of overtime work

・Social insurance (Health insurance, Employee pension, Employment insurance)



Working hours

* flextime system (core time 11:00 to 16:00)



Holiday and leave

・Saturday and Sunday
・Public holiday
・Refresh holiday
・New-year / Year-end holiday
・Annual paid leave
・Celebratory leave
・Special holidays
・Postnatal leave
・Parental leave



Welfare and other

・Welcome lunch (with CEO, with Division and Department)
・Welcome drinking
・Internal events (Year-end party etc.)
・Free drink (Water server and instant coffee and tea)
・Installation of vending machines

・PC: MacBook Pro + 1 Monitor *Monitor can only be used in the office
・No smoking in the office
・Until COVID-19 is settled and we’re ready to issue visas, you can start working remotely from abroad