PriceHubble AI Valuation

PriceHubble AG is a Swiss B2B proptech company that builds innovative digital solutions for the real estate industry based on property valuations and market insights. Leveraging big data, cutting-edge analytics and great visualization, PriceHubble’s products suite brings a new level of transparency in the market, enabling their customers to make real estate and investment decisions based on the most accurate data-driven insights (such as valuations, market analyses, value forecasts or building simulations) and enhance the dialogue with end consumer.

WealthPark partners with PriceHubble and incorporates the valuation features into the App to let property owners view real-time valuations of their portfolios.

Since the estimated value is calculated based on big data such as publicly available real estate data and various peripheral information, together with PriceHubble’s original AI assessment model, the prices may fluctuate depending on the real estate listing data and market trends at the time of appraisal. In addition, the estimated value and rent are calculated based on information such as the property location, the living area and the property age. Please note that some specific characteristics such as the interior, the renovation history, and the orientation of the property are not included in the calculation considerations.

Please also note that the estimated value and rent are calculated based on the current market environment. Therefore, when compared with property value and the rent at the time of purchase, there may be some differences due to the change in the market environment itself.

The estimated value is developed with the intention to provide you with useful information you may need in investment and asset management. However, as it is calculated under certain conditions, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. It is recommended to use it as a reference value.

How can I find the estimated value and rent of my property?

① Click [Portfolio] and scroll down to see the overview of the estimated value and rent of each of your property investments.

② Click [See Value] to view more details of the estimates.

③ Here, you can see the comparison between the estimated value and the purchase price, as well as the value forecast for the next two years. Similarly, you can go to the [Rent Value] tab to see the estimated rent.

The scope of valuation services varies by region. If you need any assistance in property value assessment, please click “Talk in Chat” to contact us.