New User FAQ

How to start to use the App?

We will set your email address as your account ID. The account registration email will then be sent to your Email. You can login and start to use the App after setting the password.

I don’t quite know how to use smartphones and mobile apps, what should I do?

We provide user manuals which introduce how to use the App not only on mobile but also on the web ( as well. You can therefore login and use our services with different devices. If necessary, we can also assist you via phone or Email.

Will there be any security issues?

The cloud server that WealthPark is using is also widely used and trusted by major banks and securities firms. All of your information will be properly stored on the cloud server.

I have an agent to help manage my properties. Can the agent use the App?

Once we confirm with you that your agent will be your contact person, your agent’s email address will be used to register the account for him and allow him to use the App on behalf of you. Please note that in this case you and your agent will use the same email address to log in.

What are the benefits of digitizing cash flow and income statements?

You can view all the financials on the App anytime, anywhere, easily download and print out the monthly and annual financial statements. The risk of information leakage due to improper document management is also significantly reduced.

Can I print the cash flow statements for tax filing?

You can download and print the monthly and annual cash flow statements at any time. You can also attach it to an Email directly from the App and send it to your tax accountant.