Unable to Reset Password

Scenario①: The password requirements are not met

When setting up a password, please meet all of the following requirements.

■ Setting password requirments
・ At least 8 characters
・ Include one or more number
・ Include one or more lowercase letters
・ Include one or more pppercase letters

■ Good example
◯ WealthPark1234

■ Poor examples
☓ Wp1234 (8 characters or less)
☓ WealthPark (not including numbers)
☓ WEALTHPARK1234 (not including lowercase letters)
☓ wealthpark1234 (not including uppercase letters)

Scenario ②: The characters entered in the password input box (upper row) and the re-entry box (lower row) are different

Click “Show” in the password input box to make sure the two set of passwords entered are the same.